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Where Real Church Meets Real Life

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Friday, March 4, 2011

Where Real Church Meets Real Life

Originally written by Vicki Morte for Social Action Ministries on Jan. 25, 2011

Last January, I was a senior at Boston College, returning from Winter Break to my final semester with absolutely no idea what to do after graduation. Struggling to figure out what was next for me, I began to look backwards, carefully taking inventory of how I was already spending my time. I was volunteering at least five hours a week at a women’s day shelter downtown, and had been doing that for four years. I was spending hours reading, writing, and discussing Theology. I began finding a clear challenge to engender justice in the world laid out before me in the Gospels as I really read them for the first time. I was actively avoiding going to Mass on campus, despite the encouragement of my Theology professors, the Campus Ministers I knew, and many of my closest friends. I knew that, for me, a full understanding of social justice and an authentic experience of my faith required that I think about both, together. I was lonely in my newly growing faith because I couldn’t find a community that understood this connection in the same way that I did.

Now, a full year later, I’m almost halfway through a community organizing fellowship within the
Episcopal Diocese of Massachusetts. Through the Life Together Program, I serve as the Minister for Justice and Action at The Crossing, a Christian community of radical welcome that’s working to truly live church out in the world. The Crossing gathers to worship at St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral on Thursday nights at 6 pm, and is a real spiritual home for people who are seeking a community that is genuinely invested in relationships and growth. Coming to The Crossing in the fall, I found the community that I was seeking, a community of friends who value and share in the understanding that lived Christian faith demands deep commitment to and radical movement for justice.

At The Crossing, we welcome all people to commit to each other’s mutual transformation into the fullness of Christ. That happens as we fall in love with God in Worship, as we grow in love for each other and ourselves in Community, and as we share love with the world through Action. Last year, The Crossing began work on a campaign for greater LGBTQ rights and inclusion, reaching out to and collaborating with advocacy groups around the city. The community also began building relationships with homeless youth in the area, particularly those who self-identify as Queer. This year, we’ve continued and grown this work, collaborating in bigger and better ways with other groups and providers. We’ve renewed our commitment to working with young adults who are homeless, forging a new relationship with
Bridge Over Troubled Waters and maintaining our connection to The Home For Little Wanderers’ LGBTQ group home, Waltham House.

Following Worship on the fourth Thursday of each month, The Crossing offers Education for Action to the community.
On Thursday, March 24, we will be welcoming Robb Zarges, Executive Director of Bridge Over Troubled Waters, and Caitlin Golden, Social Action Ministries Coordinator at the Massachusetts Housing and Shelter Alliance, to begin a conversation about youth homelessness and learn about the many ways that we can take action to support young people and end the cycle of homelessness in our city.

Be with us at 6 pm for Worship or join us at 7:30 pm for this special event. We’re excited to welcome you into this important and powerful work with us.


Vicki Morte – Minister for Justice & Action @ The Crossing

If you are interested in attending the event, please RSVP to Vicki at


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